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Whats our main Project?

Our main project is the education of orphaned and very needy children. Fifteen years ago, primary education in Kenya was declared free. Many children from needy families joined schools. Those who had dropped out due to lack of school fees didn’t mind repeating as long as they gained the desired education. Unfortunately, secondary school is not free. Due to this, many children’s dream of education is shattered after primary level. Frustration and desperation divert them into harmful deeds. The few who are lucky get sponsors to get them through secondary level. It doesn’t cost much to sponsor a child through a year of school, and so we try to get as much money together as possible to use to make a child’s dream become ever closer!

Holiday Mentorship Workshops

We gather all our students together during the school holidays for mentorship workshops. These are meant to help the students in academic performance and leadership development. Students learn a lot from each other through team building activities. The sessions are conducted by trained leadership coaches and other professionals.


At the secondary school level, Kenyan students and their families pay school fees to cover tuition, books and school uniforms. This comes to around 50,000 Kes, about $400!

We are currently supporting 25 students, but more sponsorships are needed. By supporting youth in their secondary education, sponsors give young Kenyans a fighting chance to pull themselves out of poverty and create a viable living for their families.

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Our first year, which was 2010, we picked 6 students. Due to increased support from outdoor loving supporters, we have since managed to increased the number. We have supported more than 25 students  some of which are now working having graduated in different colleges, and others are in universities pursuing different course.

Criteria for Selection

Step 1: Child's Background

This is done with the help of people who know the children quite well. Our representative then confirms the information by doing a home visit.

Step 2: Academic performance

Students send their report cards and/or meet with our representatives three times per year. Our aim is to support bright and needy students who will hopefully one day join Sports for Change and assist other needy students.

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