Student Mentorship Camp

We held our student mentorship camp in April with 30 students in attendance. It was a memorable weekend With a lot of learning, un-learning, sharing and team building. Spending time together as one family is something we really treasure. 

This was our first camp after covid and everyone was grateful it happened. Mentoring students isn’t an extracurricular activity, it is vital for cultivating an enriching inclusive community ~Diana Olin  

Our Stories

Meet Craig who is one of our Sponsor

Craig Oulton ran two marathons barefoot in a span of 5 months to raise money for our charity. He ran the Lewa marathon barefoot in June 2022 . 4 months later he announced his intention to do his first tarmac all barefoot in the Nairobi marathon. In both races, his mental strength was very strong and he finished both races well. He raised a total of $11000 which will help sponsor 20 new students in 2023

Global Giving Achievements

Words from Students in our program