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Riyaq Hassan is one of our lucky students to join Sports For Change this year. She was among the top 5 students in her school. She went to Namanga Primary School at the border of Tanzania and Kenya. She got 354 marks which was a very good performance and got a place in Noonkopir Girls’ Secondary School in Kitengela.

She is the firstborn in a family of 9. They have been raised by the mother and a step dad who is a security man. The dad to Riyaq abandoned her mother before she was born, but the mother has been there for her and the step dad helps where he can.

She wants to work hard and become a doctor and help her community.

“We cannot thank you enough for your continued support. Together we have managed to give a bright future to these awesome kids.”

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Letter to my Sponsor through Sports For Change

I am so glad to inform you that I am now a certified Clinical Officer after accomplishing a 3yrs diploma course in Clinical medicine & surgery and an internship for one year.

I did my internship at Tabaka mission hospital in Kisii country -Kenya. I worked in four departments, each department took 3 months. During my first duty in the surgical ward, I learned how to perform minor surgeries like removal of a ganglion, application of plasters, I did the reduction of fractures, suturing of wounds and many other general practices.

My second department was in Pediatric, I learned how to fix intravenous cannular, resuscitation of newborns and treatment of different conditions.

My third department was in Medical, I managed conditions and emergencies, in the gym/OBS department I did deliveries, I worked as an assistant during tubal ligation, uterus evacuation, treatment of abnormal bleeding. In the end, I obtained a license after internship- this document shows that am allowed to work and treat general illness and conditions.

My big dream is to go back to school and complete a degree in medicine and surgery. I know it will take me some years to finish, but I am so determined and focused on the main goal.

I got my license during the covid-19 pandemic, I feel this is when my services are needed the most. I am confident and ready to help my community in whatever way. I am currently volunteering at a local hospital in my village. My main focus is to create more awareness on Covid-19 because some people especially the young ones are not taking the disease seriously. My duty is to emphasize the importance of wearing masks, washing hands and avoid crowded areas. I tell young people that they have to follow all precautions for the sake of their grandparents. We have a lot of old people in the village who must be protected. I get masks donated by friends and distribute them to those who can not afford.

I cannot thank you enough for sponsoring my education since form two until I completed my diploma course. I joined Sports For Change young and broken. My family had nothing after been evicted from our home of many years during Kenya’s post-election violence in 2007/2008. I have been under Sports For Change for 11 years and the support and guidance during holiday leadership camps have made me whole again. I am ready to give back by serving my community and the world at large.

What you gave me is the key to opportunities. A ticket out of poverty. I’m full of hope, my family and my community have hope in me, many generations will benefit out of this kindness and support I got from you and Sports for Change. It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Thank you for investing in my life

With a lot of love and gratitude


Beneficiary – Sports For Change

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