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My name is Craig Oulton. I will be running the Highland ultra in Scotland in April this year. I chose to run the Highland Ultra as it is probably the wildest place one can go in the UK, I also really wanted to test myself on a self-supporting multistage ultra that is technical, meaning a lot of Mountain running, bog and river crossings and challenging Weather conditions carrying everything you need for three days on your back!

Although I have run ultras, they have been single-day events, notably Comrades in South Africa six times, however, there is no way I could have gotten up the following morning to run again! So my challenge now is training and running long distances daily. I am running between 15-55km every day. My goal is to complete 1000km by March in training hours. This will help build up my skeletal fitness. This is different from all my marathon training. The key is to go slow and keep moving as many hours as possible on your feet, knowing you have to do it all again tomorrow. To avoid over training, I try and spend 10 hrs in bed sleeping or resting every night.

Nutrition is so important when trying this hard. I am mainly on a plant-based diet most of that being vegan, but if I feel that my protein is lacking, I have no problem eating a Steak. No alcohol and I am really watching my sugar intake. Being nearer 60 than 50 I have to listen to my body as injury at this stage from overtraining would be disastrous. The training is going well at this stage…but as they say if your ultra Marathon training and race is on track something is not right!

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With all the hard training and sacrifice, it will be my greatest pleasure to raise money for charity. I have dedicated myself to raising funds for Sports For Change, a small Kenyan charity that gives scholarships to underprivileged kids in Kenya The founder, who is also a runner, started the charity 10 years ago to add a good cause to her running. They raise money through running and hiking. I have raised funds before for charity while running barefoot in Lewa conservancy marathon and Nairobi. marathon. I connected with the founder while I was running a full marathon to celebrate my 40th birthday many years ago. We have kept in touch since. They have touched and changed many lives. They have given hope to kids and communities that had no hope of taking their kids to school, creating a generational change. I feel privileged to be part of their mission and to use my passion for running to raise funds.You can read more about the charity on

My goal is to raise $20000. This will sponsor 10 students for 4 years in high school.

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