About us

Who we are

We are a registered non-profit organization with a quest to change society through sports; thus the name Sports for Change. We are not professional athletes, but with a lot of passion for the same we have noticed that a noble course can be assisted through sports to awaken society and uplift the lives of the needy.


Improve lives of underprivileged bright students in Kenya through education


Needy youths, women and disabled fulfill their potential and are able to access positions of equal social and economic advantage to society at large.


  1. Organise sports activities to raise funds intended to improve a less privileged person’s quality of life.
  2. Provide educational opportunities for youths that could not otherwise access them.
  3. Raise awareness in society of the needs of the less fortunate.
  4. Create opportunities for people to meet and achieve both physical and philanthropic satisfaction.
  5. Partner with philanthropic organisations on a mutual benefit arrangement.