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Shiku Waithaka

Founder and Executive Director

Great things happen when we mix our hobbies and passion to make a change. I ran a lot then , did a lot of half marathons, full marathon and an ultra -marathon. The best feeling was finishing a long -distance race and raising money at the same time. Every time I registered a race, I asked friends and family to sponsor me.

My first project was to save a 2 years old toddler who needed an emergency heart surgery. I registered for a half marathon and raised enough money for his treatment. The boy is now in class 6 living a very health life. My heart lit up with joy everytime I visit him.

My second project was building a house for a needy girl I had met. Mary had been raped and impregnated by her late father. He was a drunk and had sold their family land. Her mother was mentally ill. She had 9 children. Her last- born baby was the same age as her daughter’s -from the same man. The family had gone through so much pain. I was touched. I was determined give them something to call home. I registered and ran my first ultra marathon. I raised $4000 and built them a house. This when I realized I can really change life with my passion. Making a change through doing something I really loved and enjoyed was inspiring.

Over lunch time one afternoon, My friend Sonja Reifler and I came up with Sports For Change name. We dint call it ‘running for change’ because not every sports person like to run.

Sonja left the country and Josephine Lamshed volunteered to assist. We were later joined by Gunnar Kraft, an enthusiast runner. We did a lot together and took the organization to another level.


Board Members

Other Team Members

Staicy Wairimu

Social Media Manager

I joined Sports for Change as a volunteer for the Kenya Colour Run event when I was in university. I graduated in 2021 with a bachelor degree in marketing and communication and joined the Sports for Change team as their social media manager. 

Sports For Change raises funds by organizing fun events like the colour run. Being a naturally active person myself, coupled up with the desire to give back to the community and assist the less fortunate to my capacity, I felt right at home with the organization. Seeing the happy smiles and joyful tears of youths who have a new hope in life where it had been lost is my biggest motivation to put in the work each day.

On a more personal level, I am also passionate about the outdoors, traveling, adventure and swimming.