Students Mentorship Workshops

Our 2023 students' mentorship camp was memorable.

 They will remember it for years. We hope all what they learned, re-learned and unlearned will help them in their social and academic life.

Leadership Camps

A new perspective to develop all round students

A new addition to our investment this year is the young Leadership forum.

Our ambitions for the leadership program is to expose our benefactions to new ways of viewing the world and opens up opportunities that otherwise would remain inaccessible to them.

Happening every holiday the SFC 3 day leadership forum gives an opportunity for young scholars to interact with mentors. Our investment adopts a change philosophy linking mentors to mentees in a changed environment, in a changed perspective and a change in conversation with the aim of igniting young minds to think of opportunities to better themselves.

The program gradually embraces the fact that no education or curriculum in its own is sufficient at providing young adults with necessary tools and resources to adequately nature future workforces future scholars and future leaders.

The Project key activities provide for every single young adult under our program. It shifts from one shoe fit all approach and adopts diversity at targeting each child’s needs.